Back and forth, back and forth: swinging is one of the most effective activities to train children’s balance and, in addition, the most popular playground equipment for children of all ages. The toddler swing Fips for toddlers combines a well-shaped design with maximum convenience and safety, making young children feel secure in this funny frog seat. By means of a seesaw, the swing can be modified and adapted to older children.  the snake.

Material: Stainless steel
Item No.: 512051401
Equipment dimensions: 2090 x 350 x 1700 mm
Maximum height of fall: 965 mm
Minimum space: 6500 x 2000 mm
Safety surfacing area: 13,00 m²
Required safety slabs: 12,00 m²
Recommended surface material: synth. fall protection (e.g. 30mm EPDM Impact Protection), grass, sand, wood chip, gravel
Safety: DIN EN 1176
Coating: Coloured granulate rubber coating
Age rating: from 1 year

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