Up and down again – the toddler slide Benny, apart from looking funny, encourages children to climb and slide. Young toddlers play and, at the same time, learn to climb up to safe heights before cheerfully coasting down. Apart from optical stimuli provided by the primary colours of some elements, toddlers are also offered haptic incentives by the range of different materials used.

Material: Stainless steel
Item No.: 513551401
Equipment dimensions: 3100 x 700 x 1520 mm
Maximum height of fall: 900 mm
Minimum space: 6500 x 2700 mm
Safety surfacing area: 20,34 m²
Required safety slabs: 25,00 m²
Recommended surface material: synth. fall protection (e.g. 30mm EPDM Impact Protection), grass, sand, wood chip, gravel
Safety: DIN EN 1176
Age rating: from 1 year

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