Because seesawing is such a pleasant way to relax, the saddle of the „altus1“ spring rocker is always a highly coveted spot. The seat and the colorful balls on the handlebars are made of natural rubber. The only other material used is stainless steel. For playgrounds and playpoints in pedestrian zones or parks.

Material: Stainless steel
Item No.: 513020402
Equipment dimensions: 730 x 470 x 680 mm
Maximum height of fall: 500 mm
Minimum space*: 3000 x 2500 mm
Impact area: 6,64 m²
Required safety slabs: 7,50 m²
Recommended surface material: synth. fall protection (e.g. Playpoint base),
grass, sand, wood chip, gravel,
Safety: DIN EN 1176
Coating: Soft vulcanized caoutchouc
Age rating: from 3 years

*Due to changes in standards, minimum spaces and impact areas have been updated and deviate from the values in the certificate. The certificates will be renewed in 2024.

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