The stilum playpoint base has been designed to meet the modified requirements of EN 1176-1 for the installation of small-sized play equipment like spring riders in pedestrian zones. The inner circle has a diameter of 1.8 m that can be extended by two outer circles up to a diameter of 5.8 m – all along with a falling height of 1 m. The playpoint base is an eye-catcher flooring for “altus veris” and other spring riders.

Material: Coloured rubber granulate
Item No.: 258035-xxx (depending on color)
Available dimensions: Inner circle: Ø 1800 x 35 mm (1,0 m Fall height)
1. Outer circle: Ø 3.800 x 35 mm (1,0 m Fall height)
2. Outer circle: Ø 5.800 x 35 mm (1,0 m Fall height)
Installation: on firm substrates
Safety: DIN EN 1176-1

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Safety slabs made of redbrown rubber granulateredbrown

Safety slabs made of green rubber granulategreen

Safety slabs made of anthracite rubber granulateanthracite