Numerous exercises like dips, pull-ups, push-ups etc. as well as various stretchings can be performed with only this one piece of equipment. Handles in different heights allow for effective training for everybody – independend of body height or individual fitness level. This fitness equipment convinces by premium quality material like stainless steel, glued laminated timber and caoutchouc.

The targeted muscle groups vary according to training exercise.

Material: Stainless steel, Structural composite lumber
Item No. 150mm Installation depth: 55 1005 601
Item No. 450mm Installation depth: 55 1005 602
Equipment dimensions: Ø 4500 mm
Maximum height of fall: 1500 mm
Minimum space: Ø 8000 mm
Movement area: 50,27 m²
Required safety slabs: 64,00 m²
Recommended surface material 150mm : Synth. impact protection (e.g. EPDM Safe System), grass
Recommended surface material 450mm : Synth. impact protection, grass, sand, wood chips, gravel,
Minimum height: from 1.40 m

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