Gymnastics with three friends means lots of fun! Together, turkish skills will be acquired. Larger children and adults can exercise their arm muscles on the upper bars while smaller persons are practicing on the lower ones.

Note: Supra3 is available with an installation depth of 150 ( ID150 ) and 450 mm ( ID450 ).

Material: Stainless steel
ID150 Item No.: 551516401
ID450 Item No.: 551516402
Equipment dimensions: 3470 x 930 x 1860 mm
Maximum height of fall: 1450 mm
Minimum space: 5500 x 3810 mm
Safety surfacing area: 15,78 m²
Required safety slabs: 20,00 m²
Safety: DIN EN 1176
Installation: with high impact dowels
Age rating: from 6 years

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