Bench pressing will train all muscles that stretch your arms horizontally. Apart from arm stretchers
and pectorals some other muscles in the shoulders benefit as well. The problem of weight distribution
has been cleverly solved: moving the four weight balls on each side allows to train with different levels of difficulty. The more weight balls are placed at chest height, the more difficult and effective the exercise gets. The deposit of the handrail is very simple as it is supported by a foot lever which brings it into the right position.

Major muscle groups

  • Triceps arm extensor
  • Large pectoral muscle

Supporting muscles

  • Deltoid muscle
  • Serratus anterior


Material: Stainless steel
Item No.: 551119401
Equipment dimensions: 2200 x 1680 x 1750 mm
Maximum height of fall: 500 mm
Minimum space: Ø 4500mm
Safety surfacing area: 15,90 m²
Required safety slabs: 20,25 m²
Recommended surface material: Grass, Synth. Impact protection (e.g. Stilum 30mm safety slabs)
Safety: DIN EN 16630
Minimum height: from 1.40 m

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