The Multitrainer basic has been developed, above all for small park areas, fitness trails, gymnasiums and private gardens. Just like its big brother, this slim end elegant Outdoor-apparatus allows for numerous training possibilities such as push-ups, pull-ups and stretching exercises. Practicing against gravity is very demanding in a very special way, because the own bosy weight has to be heaved by the own muscular power. Moreover, the multitrainer is perfect for sling training exercises. Ropes can be attached at different heights profiding for individual levels of training intensity. The Multitrainer Basic by stilum is available with installation depths of 150 (ID150) and 450mm (ID450).

The targeted muscle groups vary according to training exercise. Find out more about the training possibilities in the multitrainer-basic photo gallery.

Material: Stainless steel
ID150 Item No.: 551009401
ID450 Item No.: 551009402
Equipment dimensions: 900 x 1150 x 2210 mm
Maximum height of fall: 2000 mm
Minimum space: 5000 x 5150 mm
Safety surfacing area: 25,75 m²
Required safety slabs: 27,50 m²
Recommended surface material 150mm : Synth. impact protection
Recommended surface material 450mm : Synth. impact protection, sand, wood chips, gravel
Safety: DIN EN 16630
Coating: soft vulcanized caoutchouc
Minimum height: from 1.40 m

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