The more muscles are applied during training the better the training effect. No wonder that, by now, crosstrainers have become the number one on the popularity scale of stamina equipment. Due to the fact that training takes place in an upright body position, they are perfectly suited for people with “sitting jobs” who will find their contrast exercise to permanent sitting.

How to shape your body!
Regular training on the crosstrainer will strengthen all muscle groups and contribute to continuous improvement of your physical condition. With the new stilum crosstrainer, joint-friendly training can now comfortably take place in your own garden.  The apparatus is made of weather-resistant stainless steel, the materials used will only require an extremely low level of maintenance. Experience effective body-shaping on your doorstep!

Major muscle groups

  • Quadriceps extensor
  • Large gluteal muscle
  • Calf muscle

Supporting muscles

  • Entire trunk, shoulder girdle and arm musculature
  • Adductor and abductor musculature

Crosstrainer target-muscles

Material: Stainless steel
Item No.: 551012401
Equipment dimensions: 2180 x 670 x 2060 mm
Maximum height of fall:
Minimum space: 3500 x 5200 mm
Safety surfacing area: 18,20 m²
Required safety slabs: 19,25 m²
Recommended surface material: Synth. impact protection (e.g. 30mm safety slabs), grass
Safety: DIN EN 16630
Minimum height: from 1.40 m

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