General Information

The stilum Double-T slab is exclusively designed for use on solid underdrounds thus offering a good alternative for restoration and renovation of damaged floors as well as for pathways in animal-breeding.

Product Data

Material:Coloured rubber granulate
45mm Item No.:104585-xxx (depending on color)
Available dimensions:
  • 500 x 500 x 40/45 mm (1,50 m Fall height)
  • Installation:Seepage capable subsoil

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    Available colors

    Safety slabs made of redbrown rubber granulateredbrown

    Safety slabs made of green rubber granulategreen

    Safety slabs made of anthracite rubber granulateanthracite

    Safety slabs made of grey rubber granulategrey (spray coating)

    Safety slabs made of metallic rubber granulatemetallic (spray coating)

    Safety slabs made of silvergrey rubber granulatesilvergrey (spray coating)

    Safety slabs made of blue rubber granulateblue (spray coating)


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