Calisthenics and outdoor fitness equipment are trendy, without doubt. A trend we feel obliged to follow in our particular way of designing. We have, therefore, augmented our fitness line by a calisthenics with elegant robinia elements. The equipment is weather-proof, easy to maintain and as far as appearance, efficiency and training possibilities are concerned, unsurpassed: The stilum Calisthenics Robinia.

Material: Stainless steel & Robinia
Item No. 150mm installation depth: 551520601
Item No. 450mm installation depth: 551520602
Equipment dimensions: 4500 x 4820 x 2550 mm
Maximum height of fall 1350 mm
Minimum space: 7400 x 7750 mm
Safety surfacing area: 57,35 m²
Required safety slabs: 60,00 m²
Item No. 150mm – Recommended surface material: synth. impact protection, no lawn allowed
Item No. 450mm – Recommended surface material: synth. impact protection, sand, gravel, wood chip, lawn not allowed
Safety: DIN EN 16630
Minimum height: from 1.40 m

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